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Aint Nuthin But The Blues
Ain't Nothin' But the Blues
Woman Blue
Woman Blue
Nevada Jukebox
Nevada Jukebox
The Big Sky Mudflaps
The Big Sky Mudflaps
Judy Roderick and the Forbears
Judy Roderick & The Forbears
Judy Roderick and the Forbears - WHEN IM GONE
  Bios of Family and Friends
Below are some bried bios of friends and family of Judy Roderick. If you would like to submit a brief bio or article that you think would compliment this site, please go to our contact page.
Dexter Payne
   From 1976-92 Dexter Payne partnered with singer Judy Roderick. Appeared at Philadelphia Folk Festival, Bottom Line, Great American Music Hall, recorded and appeared with Dr. John, assisted in producing posthumous reissue of Woman Blue(Vanguard). Payne was Judy's longtime companion, caring for Judy until her death in 1992.
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Artie Traum (April 3, 1943 - July 20, 2008)
   Mr. Traum was a New Age Voice (NAV) Award-winning guitarist, producer and songwriter who's work appeared on more than 35 albums. Born and raised in the Bronx, Traum became a part of the Greenwich Village folk music scene in the late 1960s.
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Three songs by Judy Roderick with pictures on YouTube.
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Judy Roderick's Facebook page was launched in December of 2009.
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A visual tour of Judy Roderick's musical career in photos on Picassa.
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Downbeat Magazine
Sep, 2009
by Frank J. Hadley
   "One of the few outstanding white blues singers, Roderick died way too early at 49 in 1992."
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Illinois Blues
March, 2009
by Belinda Foster
   "Judy was truly one of the same Joplin-Dylan-esk folk-blues magnets that major labels were clamoring for in the 60's"
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Buffalo News
Jan. 2, 2009
by Randy Rodda
   "When I'm Gone is a clear view of an amazing artist who deserves much more recognition. It is fresh and vital."
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It's Here!
   The reissue of Judy Roderick & The Forbears with special guest Mac Rebennack (Dr. John).
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