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Aint Nuthin But The Blues
Ain't Nothin' But the Blues
Woman Blue
Woman Blue
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Judy Roderick and the Forbears
Judy Roderick & The Forbears
Judy Roderick and the Forbears - WHEN IM GONE
 Judy Roderick :: Judy Roderick & The Forbears 1983
Judy Roderick & The Forbears 1983
In 1983, Judy Roderick (vocals) and Dexter Payne (alto saxophone, clarinet, harmonica, vocals) created an Rhythm and Blues band, "Judy Roderick & The Forbears." This group included Don DeBacker "BBQ Bob" (guitar, vocals), Chaz Leary "Washboard Chaz" (washboard, vocals), and Tim Martin (bass, vocals). Also features a special guest appearance from Mac Rebennack "Dr. John" (piano, organ, vocals).
Judy Roderick and The Forbears
  1. Gone to Memphis - J. Roderick, B. Ashford
  2. I'm so Glad - Memphis Minnie
  3. Queen of the Street - J. Roderick, B. Ashford
  4. Surprises - J. Roderick, B. Ashford
  5. When I'm Gone - J. Roderick
  6. Live in Love - W. Waker, G. Sullivan
  7. Your Eyes Remind Me - J. Roderick
  8. Money Blues - J. Roderick, B. Ashford
  9. Denver to Dallas - J. Roderick, D. Payne, D. DeBacker
  10. Dream of You - Sy Oliver
  11. Shout Sister Shout - Arthur Crudup
  12. Floods of South Dakota - J. Roderick, B. Ashford
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Downbeat Magazine
Sep, 2009
by Frank J. Hadley
   "One of the few outstanding white blues singers, Roderick died way too early at 49 in 1992."
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Illinois Blues
March, 2009
by Belinda Foster
   "Judy was truly one of the same Joplin-Dylan-esk folk-blues magnets that major labels were clamoring for in the 60's"
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Buffalo News
Jan. 2, 2009
by Randy Rodda
   "When I'm Gone is a clear view of an amazing artist who deserves much more recognition. It is fresh and vital."
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It's Here!
   The reissue of Judy Roderick & The Forbears with special guest Mac Rebennack (Dr. John).
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