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Woman Blue
Woman Blue
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 Judy Roderick :: Woman Blue 1965
Woman Blue 1965
Originally released in 1965, the CD version was re-released in 1993 by Vanguard Records.
Woman Blue
©Vanguard Records
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Lyrics and Songs to Woman Blue
  1. Someone to Talk My Troubles To (Weissman)
  2. Born in the Country (Traditional)
  3. Rock Me Baby (Traditional)
  4. Walking Slow Behind You (Heath/Lange)
  5. Young Girl's Dream (Drew/Jean)
  6. Mistreated (Traditional)
  7. Louisville Lou (Ager/Yellen)
  8. Country Girl Blues
  9. Contemporary Blues (Hendricks)
  10. Black and Blue (Brooks/Razaf/Waller)
  11. You Were on My Mind (Fricker)
  12. Two Hoboes (Gellert/Weissman)
  13. Woman Blue (Traditional)
  14. Jelly Roll Lord *
  15. Me and My Chauffeur (Memphis Minnie)*
  16. Mama Keeps Her Man at Home *
    by Judy Roderick
    Been down to Denver been to Dallas too
    I was in East St. Louis had the St Louis blues
    My daddy, was a rollin' stone
    She treats him so good Mama keeps her man at home

    Now he's hard to please I want you all to know
    It takes a whole lot of love to satisfy his soul
    My daddy, was a rollin' stone
    She treats him so good Mama keeps her man at home

    Used to be a time he would run around
    But mama took the trick and turned his damper down
    My daddy, was a rollin' stone
    She treats him so good Mama keeps her man at home

    Now the ways of your women don't scare me none
    Cause I do what I do like it ain't never been done
    My daddy, used to be a rollin' stone
    She treats him so good Mama keeps her man at home
    She treats him so good Mama keeps her man at home

  17. Long Old Road (Smith)* (on CD reissue only)
*These four songs were added to the RE-ISSUE of Woman Blue
06/28/03 If you have not heard the Judy Roderick Woman Blue cd, it's absolutely astounding. She was one of the first women of her generation to attempt country blues and some really kinda jazzy blues. What set Judy apart from other blues artists of the time was her sense of taste and her ability to hit the note squarely where you wanted it to be…and at the same time she could give you chills. Every time you heard her singing it'd bring a tear to your eye or give you chills running up and down your spine because she was so tapped into something very profound. So if you guys haven't heard that album, its a great piece of work. Not only was she a magnificent singer, but as a person, she was without equal.
  - Artie Traum Bearsville, NY (musician)
1993 Judy was the first of her generation of blues women, and still one of the best. To this day, her phrasing, tone and above all her originality are unmatched. A very important singer. Don't miss this record.
  - Dave Van Ronk (1936 -2002) (musician)
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Downbeat Magazine
Sep, 2009
by Frank J. Hadley
   "One of the few outstanding white blues singers, Roderick died way too early at 49 in 1992."
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Illinois Blues
March, 2009
by Belinda Foster
   "Judy was truly one of the same Joplin-Dylan-esk folk-blues magnets that major labels were clamoring for in the 60's"
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Buffalo News
Jan. 2, 2009
by Randy Rodda
   "When I'm Gone is a clear view of an amazing artist who deserves much more recognition. It is fresh and vital."
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It's Here!
   The reissue of Judy Roderick & The Forbears with special guest Mac Rebennack (Dr. John).
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